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Atlantis Villa

Atlantis stands for one of mankind's oldest dreams and myths, the one of the lost paradise.

The race of the Atlantis’s had all the virtues and lived in peace as long the portion of their divine nature still was strong. But with time it faded and when the human nature got the upper hand, they became sinful and invaded by crimes. As a consequence, they were bound to lose their paradise. Only the Athenians were able to stop and defeat Atlantis from subduing the world. By then, the Gods' anger against Atlantis was so strong, that they destroyed it in a single day and night, by earthquakes, and sunk it into the sea, leaving only a mass of mud behind.

The Myth of the Lost Atlantis has been linked to Santorini and many are those who believe the Lost Atlantis lies in ruins under Santorini Island.

This interior villa is decorated to the highest standard. Spread across three floors, on the ground floor there is a kitchen plus a parlour, on the first floor there is a bathroom with a shower and luxurious Bedroom. On the basement there is an extra private bedroom with one king size bed and a private luxurious bathroom with shower, which have been made, based on the traditional architecture design. Guests can dream away in their private swimming pool-Jacuzzi while enjoying the fantastic view for the privacy of their veranda.


Villa Description (68 m²).

It features a terrace with private pool- Jacuzzi.


Small living room with kitchen and all utensils ( refrigerator, kitchen mille ...) (There will be LG TV 42)

Built-in double bed with two bedside tables and a bathroom with shower.


Built-in double bed with two bedside tables and bathrooms with shower.

Capacity :4 guests

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