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Calliste Villa

According to an ancient Greek myth, Santorini was formed out of a miracle. Euphemus saw a dream that he was making love to a nymph, the daughter of the sea god Triton, in particular. After making love, that woman told him that she got pregnant to his child and that her father would become angry if he knew that. That is why she needed a place to hide and give birth to her child. She then told Euphemus to get a clod of earth from Anaphe and throw it into the sea. When Euphemus woke up, he decided to take the woman's advice and when they sailed, he indeed threw a clod of earth onto the open sea. Suddenly, as a miracle, an island emerged to provide a safe place for the pregnant nymph. Euphemus named this island Calliste.

All your dreams come to life in our magnificent Calliste Villa. Focusing on its simple approach to luxury and highlighting outdoor elements, the space exudes warmth and elegance while managing to relax its visitors without any unnecessary additions. The highlighting of traditional construction materials in combination with the incorporation of cutting edge technology provides the visitors with a sense of security. The sense of the ultimate vacation is completed with your very own external private Jacuzzi.

Spread across three floors, the house boasts several living, dining and reception areas, on the ground floor there is a kitchen plus a parlor, on the first floor there is a bathroom with a shower and two private independent bedrooms with a king size bed made by traditional Cycladic architecture. On the basement, there is an extra private bedroom with one king size bed and a single bed and a private luxurious bathroom with shower, which has been made, based on the traditional architectural design.


Villa Description (96 m²)

It features a terrace with Jacuzzi for 6 persons.


Kitchen, living room with fireplace (There will be LG tv 42) and bathroom with shower.

Two bedrooms with double beds and built-in furniture in a bedroom has a shower, W.C.


Bedroom with a double bed and a sofa bed.

Capacity: 6 guests

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