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Not Far from the Coastline – Discover It

Combining the mythological history of Santorini, our love for the island as locals, and the rural beauty of Santorini’s countryside, we established Secret Earth in late 2016, aiming to offer our guests an environmental and friendly stay, enriching their adventure in Santorini through local culture and introducing them to a world of local traditions, nature, gastronomy, ecology, history and heritage.

We were inspired by the natural climate, culture and environment of Santorini Island and the magical feel it automatically gives to anyone who honors the island by visiting it thus wanting to ensure that your stay with us will be full of all five senses the natural pores of the island has to offer from its traditional cuisine to taste, island music to hear, views to feast your eyes on, traditions you can almost touch and the fresh country and shorelines to fill your lungs on.

Relax your body and your soul.

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